Tuesday, February 9, 2010

just found out

So we just found out that our 2 year old son, Nathanial has Hemophilia A with <1% of factor VIII. I guess that is about as severe as it gets. I'm kinda freaked out because we've never noticed any spontaneous bleeds and I'm not sure how to discover them if he has them. He is a very active and happy little boy and generally bounces back from injuries quickly. He's been prone to easy bruising that develop hard lumps under them which take weeks to go away. He has had a few small papercuts which take about an hour to stop bleeding and tend to reopen the next day when he plays, but we always have gotten these small cuts stopped. I'm a little in denial about everything. We haven't met with the doctors about this yet. I've just done research on the internet since they've told us over the phone. I am really hoping he doesn't have to have regular treatments. I don't want to make him wear knee pads, elbow pads and/or a helmet. What will life for us be like now?